Ride 1 West Coast Bali – Beach, Rubber Forest, Jungle

Located on Bali’s west coast, the terrain we cover varies from blasting down the beach, weaving through flowing rubber forest plantations, open rice paddy tracks, rocky or muddy single trail through Bali jungle to creek crossings and dry riverbeds. There is also a number of fun to challenging hill climbs thrown in there too. But depending on your ability or confidence, there is always an easier way around obstacles.

This is our most popular tour as we are fortunate enough to be local to the area and are one of the only operators running rides here. Highlights for this area includes ever changing terrain that varies so quickly from rock, to mud to sand, uphill, downhill, open, tight but flows so well! Huge fun factor.

All the trails are on the side of the mountain range facing the beautiful picturesque coastline. It’s not just amazing views but also a nice sea breeze making this area a few degrees cooler and more comfortable than other riding areas inland which have constant heat and thick humidity.

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


1.9 million rupiah per rider all inclusive