About Us


Bali West Trailbike Tours (BWTT)  is ran and operated by us, 2 locals who live and breath trail bikes.


Hi I am Wayan born in 1984, married with 1 child. I have really been getting into off road since 2009. Since then I have been modifying and tuning bikes which has become my speciality. I have spent most weekends riding the local areas with mates and honing my riding skills. I have also competed in many events. I have also been successful in many of these. I look forward to showing and guiding you through some of my favourite trails. It’s time to share.




Hi I am Benny, born in 1985. I just finished university. My hobbies are motocross and off road. I also like gestrek. I like to repair and service bikes searching for more power.  But I like riding them more. I also compete in many many events around Bali and win many. Please come have fun and ride with me.