All our KLX’s are built identical and set up & geared specifically to cater for a wide range of riders on these particular trails. They are lightweight, handle both the flowing and tight twisty nature of the Bali West trails, and they produce quite an astounding amount of power.Enough to put a smile on even the heaviest riders face. And that’s due to our mechanics who know their stuff when it comes to the getting the most out of the KLX.

  • Engine Bore 200 cc
  • Piston and Carby Upgrade
  • Port and Polished Valve Work
  • Race Cam
  • Upgraded Clutch
  • CRF 250 Forks
  • Full Pro Circuit Exhaust
  • Alloy Bars and Hand Guards.
    Our bikes are regularly serviced by experience mechanics and are extremely well maintained to high Australian standards. Inspected and prepared between each and every ride.